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white and pink-spotted plant

Whether you're a novice gardener, a passionate plant geek or a professional horticulturalist, at one point or another we've all wanted a little (or a lot of) help picking the right plant for the right place. Why? Because we want to be successful with the plants we've just invested in buying. For example, we want to be sure we put them in the proper place in our landscape or deck, or know if the plant selection will perform well in our geographic location. There can be many questions and it can quickly frankly be a little overwhelming.

The founders of J Berry Nursery, Jim and Jonathan Berry, recognized this potential dilemma and developed a solution. As the introducers of excitingly successful consumer plant brands including Black Diamond® and Emerald Empire® Crapemyrtles, Déjà Bloom® Azaleas, the tropical Hollywood Hibiscus collection, Summer Spice Hardy Hibiscus and Crown Jewel Begonias, J Berry is proud to share their years of plant knowledge with consumers via the Season to Season program.

The Season to Season brand is a curated collection of unique, low maintenance plants selected specifically to be strong and proven landscape performers in the regions they are sold. Season to Season provides consumers confidence in their plant purchasing decisions ensuring easy obtainable, year round beauty in their outdoor living space, no matter their level of gardening experience.

Season to Season plants aren't just a win for the end consumer, but also for growers. As with all the J Berry brands, the Season to Season program includes best plant genetics by region which have been trialed in all phases of production and the market chain, be it in the landscape or at retail. First impressions are critical at retail so besides plant quality, they have upgraded packaging which provides a stylish and eye catching retail presentation. The brand is supported by a comprehensive marketing program driving consumers to ask for Season to Season plants. And last but certainly not least, the superior genetics mean the plants are more profitable to grow versus commodity products or other more expensive or less reasonably priced premium plant brands.

J Berry is always interested in partnering with high quality growers to produce their brands. If interested in becoming a licensed grower of the Season to Season program, please contact us.