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Busy Bee Vitex

Genus species: Vitex 'JBG 19002'


Compact, deciduous shrub. Ideal for use in borders, pollinator gardens, mass plantings or containers. Dark purple to blue flowers all summer into fall attract pollinators. Low maintenance and drought tolerant, deer resistant. Plant after all danger of frost has passed.

Bloom time: Summer into Fall

Light: Full Sun - 8+ Hours Direct Sun Daily

Hardiness: Hardy in Zones 5-9. Annual for Zones 4 & Below.

Size: 6' Tall x 5' Wide

Water: Weekly until established.

Prune: Prune late Winter/early Spring

Soil Type: Acidic, neutral & Alkaline, drained, mulch

Fertilize: Slow-release, granular even ratio (10-10-10) formula in early Spring, repeat as directed.

Ideas for Use: Amethyst King Emerald Empires create a statement tree for your landscape.