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Giant Elephant Ear Alocasia

Common Name: Alocasia

Variety: Giant Elephant Ear Alocasia

Genus species: Alocasia ‘Borneo Giant’


  • Tropical plant with leaves that look like giant elephant ears
  • Fastest and largest growing alocasia on the market
  • Perfect for borders, hedges, landscape, or container planting
  • Indoor or outdoor plant

Sun: Full to Part Sun; 6+ hours direct sun daily

Water: Prefers consistant soil moisture

Hardiness Zone:

Hardy in Zones 5-9

Annual for Zones 4 below

Bloom Time: Late Spring

Mature Size: 10’ T x 10’ W

Prune: Prune down to a few inches dig up the tuber, and store in a cool dry location after first frost. Plant once again after last freeze date has passed

Soil Type: Does well in acidic, neutral and alkaline well-drained soils, mulch recommended

Fertilize: With a Slow-Release, Granular Even Ratio (10-10-10) Formula in early Spring, repeat as directed