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Gulf Mulhly Grass

Genus species: Muhlenbergia Capillaris

Feature: Statement perennial grass adds color and texture to landscapes. Showstopping, deep pink flower spikes from late Summer into Fall. Low maintenance perennial grass tolerates a range of soil types. Also nice in containers.

Bloom time: Summer 'til Frost

Light: Full Sun - 8+ Hours Direct Sun Daily

Hardiness: Hardy in Zones 5-9. Annual for Zones 4 & Below. Plant after danger of frost has passed.

Size: 2-3' Tall x 2-3' Wide

Water: Weekly until established.

Prune: Prune to 6" in early Spring

Soil Type: Neutral to acidic, well-drained, mulch.

Fertilize: Slow-release, granular even ratio (10-10-10) formula in early Spring, repeat as directed.