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Vanilla StarFatshedera

Common Name: Fatshedera

Variety: Vanilla Star™Fatshedera

Genus species: Fatshedera lizei ‘Angyo Star


Vanilla Star™Fatshederais anevergreen that offers green and vanilla foliage that will light up shaded locations in any garden. Its an upright grower and can be used as a shrub, planted in groupings, or grown as a vine with trellis or fence support.This easy to maintain evergreen has a moderate growth rate and is perfect for planting in landscapes or containers.

Sun: Full to Part Sun; 6+ hours direct sun daily

Water: 2-3 times weekly

Hardiness Zone:

Hardy in Zones 7-9

Annual for Zones 6 below

Bloom Time: Fall

Mature Size: 3.5-5’ T x 3.5-5’ W

Prune: Pinch growing tips to encourage branching and prune regularly to grow as a shrub

Soil Type: Slightly acidic, let soil dry out between watering, mulch recommended

Fertilize: With a Slow-Release, Granular Even Ratio (10-10-10) Formula in early Spring, repeat as directed